White Label Crypto Exchange
Exberry delivers a purpose built end-to-end exchange matching engine & market place infrastructure regardless of the asset class or opportunity. Our solution provided together with our partner DA digitalasset is agnostic to the underlying blockchain, and interoperability is a key aspect of the solution we provide, allowing users to transfer assets between then and other exchanges can make the currency available for trading as well .Our sandbox is available 24×7 allowing you to familiarize yourself with our system, and we can launch a production site with a few days’ notice.

Exberry VS others

Exberry Others
Cloud Native
Old Technology (Legacy)
Asset Agnostic
Very Limited
Flexibility (Solution Design, Scale)
Exchange As A Service (SaaS)
Long Term Contract
Cross Platform (Blockchain, Proprietary, etc)
On Premise
Dynamic Pricing
Pay As You Go
High Availability
Fastest time to market (playground)
2-4 Months
12-36 Months

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