National Stock Exchanges

Exberry offers two strong and viable alternatives to stock exchanges around the globe. Exberry can support a migration to a modern technology stack for existing products, where a staged approach is recommended to avoid a big bank swap. In addition, Exberry supports innovation and R&D projects by helping exchanges launch minimum viable products and prototypes at speed and at very low initial costs, allowing for innovation and fast iterations.

Case Study
Explore a cloud strategy – run a market with the Exberry matching engine in the cloud and integrate Exberry with the existing wider ecosystems.

The need to reduce operational costs and upgrade technology stacks drives the migration to the Exberry matching engine. The migration can happen asset class by asset class, or by instrument board, for example, avoiding a big bang switch, and reducing project risk. Exberry will be integrated with existing and new surrounding systems as relevant

The exchange is launching a new digitised asset class or moving an existing asset class to a digital platform. The Exchange in a Box solution is ideal for an Exchange with a digital roadmap.

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