Exberry for Carbon Markets Accelerating the creation of regulated carbon trading exchanges

With the expected surge in demand for carbon markets, there is a need for modern, flexible and cost-effective trading technologies to accelerate the necessary market development.

At Exberry for Carbon Markets, we’re redefining the landscape of carbon trading by providing a comprehensive turnkey solution to facilitate much-needed connectivity, interoperability, standardisation and liquidity in the world of regulated carbon exchanges.

Powering carbon market infrastructure

The transition towards achieving net zero goals necessitates implementation of new financial infrastructures. This is particularly true of regulated carbon markets, which are projected to become a multi-billion industry by 2030. 
Exberry for Carbon Markets is designed to accelerate the creation of a regulated carbon exchange network, providing an efficient solution that seamlessly connects with other regulated markets to provide liquidity and meet growing industry demand. This network increases accessibility, enables interoperability, and ensures compliance with international standards – all while upholding carbon sovereignty.

Innovative Trading Solution Enhancing Connectivity Across Carbon Markets

Exberry is leading the way in building a truly interconnected Carbon Exchange and Registry Network while upholding carbon sovereignty. 

Our solution enables exchanges around the globe to provide their clients with the opportunity to buy and sell carbon assets across regulated markets. Exberry’s technology facilitates the seamless interoperability that will be integral to servicing the fast-growing market over the coming years.

Exberry’s carbon trading infrastructure leverages a full suite of solutions including carbon measurement, reporting, verification, decarbonisation rating, carbon credit development, carbon registry, and trading & clearing infrastructure. 

Powered by blockchain technology, we provide transparent, easily auditable, tamper-proof records of all transactions and green projects linked to credits listed on associated exchanges and registries built within our infrastructure.

Establishing transparent, regulated, and globally interoperable carbon credit exchanges holds immense potential for unlocking substantial capital to support climate change solutions. The Exberry for Carbon Network offers a unique technological solution, acting as the 'glue' to facilitate seamless interoperability between global exchanges, empowering them to offer carbon asset trading across regulated markets. With regulated carbon markets projected to become a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2030, Exberry and its partners play a crucial and pivotal role in addressing this pressing need,” says Dr. Rene Karsenti, Senior Adviser/former President at International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and Advisory Board Member at Exberry.

Carbon exchange network blueprint

Efficient exchange setup +Mng. |
Liquidity + Interoperability |
Transparency + Standardisation

Revolutionising Connectivity and Trading Efficiency in the Global Carbon Exchange Network

◗ Collective Approach

Collaboration between leading regulated carbon exchanges facilitates the needed connectivity to interlink the world of regulated carbon exchanges

◗ Integrated Platforms

Enabling a network of exchanges to connect together and trade carbon on a global scale through a robust cutting-edge marketplace and exchange

◗ Highest Standards of Compliance

Exberry’s efficient and secure trading technology meets the critical requirements of regulated markets

◗ Fast Time to Market

A fully-compliant, end-to-end exchange platform covering asset creation, primary and secondary markets, risk, and central counterparty clearing functionality

◗ Capital Markets-Grade Technology

Solutions built to meet the specific needs of capital markets, offering high-performance and enterprise-grade technology

◗ User-Friendly Interface

Our trading UI offers a seamless and efficient experience for users, boasting a clean and intuitive design and allowing effortless navigation

Empowering Regulated Exchanges

In an effort to accelerate the creation of a regulated carbon market exchange network and achieve net-zero goals, Exberry for Carbon Markets offers the world of regulated carbon exchange a turnkey solution to revolutionise trading and facilitate much-needed connectivity, interoperability and liquidity. 

Are you a regulated exchange who is ready to realise your carbon trading offering? Contact us to explore how Exberry’s cutting-edge technology can help revolutionise the future of carbon markets.

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