The power of cloud for regulated markets: Exberry’s next generation trading technology

Cloud & SaaS Solutions

Revolutionising operational models

Tie-ups between large exchanges and big tech are demonstrating the growing recognition within the financial industry of the potential benefits of cloud-based solutions. 

Cloud technology offers greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency – all of which are crucial for meeting the increasing demands and pressures of modern financial markets. 

By partnering with leading cloud providers and developing purpose-built solutions, exchanges can modernise their infrastructure, enhance trading capabilities, and provide more efficient and innovative services to market participants.


Why Build on the Cloud

As a company that was born in the cloud, all of Exberry’s products and services run natively across cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, as well as bare metal and on-premises deployments.  

Building the trading platform in the cloud was a straightforward decision, due to the unrivalled speed-to-market, flexibility and security the cloud offers compared to on-premises solutions. 

By leveraging cloud infrastructure and multi-tenant architecture, we were able to construct a highly-scalable, resilient and customisable ultra-low latency matching engine solution that we can deliver to customers at much more economical prices.

Exberry enterprise-grade, cloud-agnostic architecture

Exberry is a cloud-first technology offering flexible and cost-effective trading in any asset. 

We can adjust the service to run dedicated and shared models, and control the level of data segregation both from physical and logical aspects. This flexibility enables quicker responses to market demands and facilitates the integration of innovative functionalities.

Exberry’s enterprise-grade, cloud-agnostic architecture has been carefully constructed with modular design and scalability at the forefront to best serve diverse markets, asset classes and geographies.

Exberry’s cloud-agnostic 
low-latency matching engine

Ultra-low Latency Performance

Exberry powers ultra-low latency markets through its focus on high-performance computing, optimised to process large volumes of data in real-time. 

Our platform is designed to be modular and utilise a distributed architecture using reliable UDP unicast and multicast for cloud deployments. It also includes fault tolerance mechanisms at the data layer with highly-durable storage and automatic replication to ensure no data loss and fast recovery.

Exberry’s technology allows for scalability by designing applications as a collection of independent services that communicate using lightweight protocols, and incorporates:

◗ Reliable UDP unicast and multicast

Essential for high-speed trading systems, these provide low-latency, real-time data delivery, scalability, resilience and reliability. Multicast support enables efficient data distribution to multiple recipients simultaneously, making it useful for a brokerless architecture. Furthermore, cloud deployment is well-suited for UDP unicast and multicast due to their low overhead and scalability, providing the necessary infrastructure for high-speed and reliable trading

◗ Distributed System architecture

Enabling the physical separation of components while communicating over a network is critical for achieving scalability and fault tolerance. The Location Transparency feature of the platform allows it to run in any environment without modification, improving portability and simplifying deployment

◗ Back-pressure

Other important considerations for high-performance systems (such as financial trading platforms) are the prevention of data loss and the maintenance of low latency. Mechanisms are therefore incorporated within the system to handle incoming data at a sustainable rate, thus preventing bottlenecks, improving stability, and minimising delays in data processing


Not only is co-location achievable on cloud, it can dramatically reduce costs. Exberry is constantly investing in in-depth research and development within the  domain of cloud technologies, always exploring the different options offered by the various cloud providers.

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