April 5, 2022


When the Exberry team launched the Nebula solution to the public, we knew it was going to be exciting! We just didn’t know how popular the launch would be!

We then decided that it’s only right to have a sitdown with the head of product at Exberry, Dudi Krisher to learn more about what Nebula is, who it can help support and why it’s revolutionary in the market! Built on Algorand, this unique turnkey exchange & marketplace solution is an important part of Nebula. 

Why Did You Build Nebula?/h3>

Nebula is a requested and valuable step toward Exberry’s vision to allow the easy and effective launch of markets for any asset, it’s another technology bridge that allows companies to achieve their business goals of launching new markets which are not only easy and effective to be launched but also are enterprise-grade which are regulator friendly.  

How Can Nebula Help The Digital Assets And Trading Ecosystem?

Digitizing/tokenizing an asset is happening right now and it’s all due to the blockchain technology and so many assets are being tokenized.  This is a key step toward a more effective and better economy, however, this is not enough. To complete this revolution, a secondary trading solution, tightly integrated with the primary issuance platform is required to allow investors not only to hold but also properly trade those assets.

That’s where Nebula comes in…

Nebula provides both primary issuance, tokenization, and secondary trading, that is off the shelf, it is the first and only platform to enable it, it’s the first platform that seamlessly links a powerful, centralized matching engine with a real-time DLT based settlement, and its something really exciting and something you should check out. 

How Is Nebula Changing The Industry?

Nebula allows any company that is looking to launch a new market to overcome the technological hurdle and focus on the assets and the communities around them.  Having Nebula as a turnkey SaaS platform removes the technological barrier of entry, and now existing companies, as well as new ventures, are able to dedicate their time and efforts and their domain expertise to launching the markets and operating them. 

Is Nebula Fits For The Regulators? What Is Your Experience With Regulators?

Exberry as a technology provider is not regulated by financial regulators, however, we are working closely with all the major financial regulators to meet their requirements, so when Exberry clients apply for a license, not only does Nebula comply with all the rules, but we are also able to help them with the application process, providing them all the required materials until the application is approved. 

Moreover, for newly born asset classes, where no regulatory approval is required, we provide the same underlying technology so Nebula clients enjoy the benefits of a financial regulation complied system, protecting the end-users privileges and keeping their market transparent and fair. This was very important for us at Exberry. 

What Ledger/Ledger Technology Is Supported By Nebula?

We at Exberry strongly believe in DLT technology when using it for the right purposes and use cases. Nebula can be offered on top of a DLT based ledger or on top of a centralized internal ledger.

For example, when anonymous data should be publicly available or when asset holding life cycles can be leveraged using smart contracts, we will go ahead and suggest using Nebula with DLT ledger, and when data should not be publicly available we will recommend either private blockchain setup or internal ledger only.  This is very unique in the industry and we pride ourselves that we can do this for our clients.  

Having Nebula integrated with multiple blockchain technologies, expanding this offer to more blockchains allows us to tailor Nebula for the exact use case that gives the highest value for Exberry clients. 

What Is The Benefit Of Building My Market On The Cloud And Is The Performance Good Enough?

The cloud is already adopted by most industries, but as we know, financial institutions are a bit behind. It is common knowledge that there are not many benefits of managing your own infrastructure anymore but rather using one of the leading cloud providers that allow you to enjoy the benefits of it such as pay per use, scale when you need, “let your IT guys solve problems”  and so much more rather than infrastructure IT problems that you can consume as a service and many more.

Performance on the cloud was yet another barrier that we had to cross when talking about the financial industry, many people still believe that to get extraordinary performance results you must build your own custom infrastructure and hire a group of experts to maintain it.

This is no longer true!

We achieved remarkable performance results, based on a public cloud. There are some nontrivial steps that need to be taken but eventually, with a reasonable monthly payment, you are able to have best in class performance of millions of orders per second with a few microseconds roundtrip. 

Final thoughts

Dudi’s expertise in this field, along with the Exberry team together built a solution that many can benefit from, and help them launch their own markets.  

Nebula by Exberry is certainly the future of cloud-native exchange & trading platforms and we can’t wait for you to learn more about it.  

Watch The Nebula Video: 

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