Modernising Post-Trade Systems: A Journey, Not a Destination

Written By: Ulf Axman, CCO at Exberry

April 2, 2024


Post-trade processing is an integral part of the financial services industry as it verifies the details of very often instantaneous transactions. Similar to shifts in the rest of the financial services industry, clearing and settlement firms are being influenced by the emphasis of real-time risk management and data-driven decision-making. 

Yet a growing number of post-trade firms are operating on outdated systems. Sticking with legacy systems has become a costly option due to technical limitations and scarcity of resources for maintenance. How can these firms situated within high-volume trading environments, safely transition to new technology?

Legacy Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

The issue of modernising a post-trade system is not easy, akin to “upgrading the software of a plane in mid-flight”:  a risk that responsible boards of financial market infrastructures are understandably hesitant to undertake. 

Vendors are tackling the challenge with a different approach. Instead of a “big bang”, full-system replacement, typically fraught with migration risks and cost implications, technology infrastructure providers have developed innovative modernisation methods based on module upgrades, without disrupting core systems. An incremental approach, taking place over a number of years, is much easier for boards and management committees to sign off on. This method of modernisation, especially within high-volume trading environments, should be considered more of a journey, rather than a replacement.

Modernisation as a journey

It is crucial that these modernisation efforts solve specific problems, rather than pursuing modernisation for its own sake. Indeed, each exchange, and even each department within an exchange, has different needs. When transitioning towards cloud-based and SaaS solutions, regulatory and operational constraints need to be addressed. Flexibility of delivery is key, with an emphasis on quick wins. 

Innovations in Post-Trade Systems

Across the post-trade industry, modernisation efforts are reshaping business and operational models to meet international standards and attract a diversified customer base. Modernisation in this case, however, is a continuous journey, guided by strategic decision-making, customer engagement and technological innovation.

Embrace the modernisation journey for enhanced operational efficiency and global competitiveness. Exberry provides a fully-compliant, end-to-end exchange platform including risk and central counterparty clearing functionality. To learn more about Exberry’s successful modernisation implementations, please contact us at:

Regulated Exchanges and AI: What’s Behind the Hype

The topic of AI has been the subject of a number of panels at recent industry events attended by Exberry. We thought it would be helpful to provide a snapshot of some of the leading thinking on AI, particularly how it is predicted to affect regulated exchanges.

Key Insights from WFEClear 2024 Conference

A few weeks ago, along with my colleagues, I attended the WFEClear 2024 Conference in Madrid, which focused on clearing and derivatives. Many relevant topics were discussed in the well-attended event and, specifically, I noted the panel on “Practicalities of DLT and Clearing” explored advancements in distributed ledger technology and its potential intersection with central clearing.

Boca Insights: “Tokenisation’s Turning Point”

A turning point for digital markets is predicted to take place this year, according to a panel at International Futures Industry Conferences which took place in Boca last week. Limited market structure and lack of customization options were cited as reasons why many other assets have not yet been tokenised.

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