London Derivatives Exchange selects Exberry to deliver matching engine technology

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A scalable infrastructure to launch traditional, alternative and digital asset markets around the world

PRESS RELEASE: London, Thursday,  23rd July, 2020: Exberry, the exchange technology pioneer, has been appointed by London Derivatives Exchange (LDX) to provide matching engine technology. The new technology partnership will enable LDX to launch global markets and cover a wide spectrum of asset classes.

Digital assets have emerged as an attractive new investment class, especially since the pandemic, and demand for alternative secondary market trading opportunities is increasing. Exberry’s infrastructure overcomes the limitations of current exchange technology – it delivers a platform designed to help any asset class launch markets, pivot, and scale.

LDX, the global exchange group, will leverage Exberry’s platform to provide technology for a wide variety of asset classes – from new security tokens, to traditional assets such as commodities or derivatives. Exberry’s exchange infrastructure will help LDX to deliver initiatives designed to improve the end-to-end investment model and implement processes that will drive down costs and increase operational efficiencies, to the benefit of the end investor. Exberry was chosen for its modern, scalable, easily-deployed system and its client focused engagement model.

Exberry delivers an exchange matching engine that is easy to integrate, delivered as a “Matching Engine-as-a-Service” concept, allowing LDX and their clients to reap the full benefits of an exchange-grade solution that can be cloud-based or on-premise. The flexible modular structure means Exberry’s clients will technically be able to start rolling-out a new exchange location within a number of weeks, rather than months or years, and enables global operations to be run from a single location.

James Davies, Director of LDX, said: “Exberry has emerged as the exchange platform provider and its exchange matching engine is an important addition to our technology suite to drive our strategy to transform the investment model. We were immediately impressed by Exberry’s modern architecture, the ability to add new asset classes in a timely and cost efficient way, and their client engagement model. It means that we can utilise our trading engine to support new initiatives globally, rather than being constrained by our technology and limited in what we desire to achieve.”

Vj Angelo, Chairman LDX Group, said: “I am very excited about this partnership. Exberry will provide one of the key tools for LDX to execute its business plan over the coming months and years. The LDX ecosystem will provide new opportunities to financial markets players, and Exberry will become a cornerstone of that system.

Commenting on the announcement, Magnus  Almqvist, Head of Exchange Development, said: “Collaboration and innovation are fundamental to Exberry and we are very excited to work with a visionary firm like LDX to deliver our exchange matching engine. We set up Exberry to help exchanges like LDX take advantage of new possibilities and seize the potential of new asset classes including security tokens and digital assets. This collaboration will make it quicker and easier for LDX to launch new markets anywhere in the world and ultimately scale its business and support its clients’ growth.”

Erez Zada, CEO of Exberry commented further. “We are very excited to have established this partnership with LDX and to bring our innovative solution and technology to the market. We are convinced we are going to help our clients take full advantage of advances in the exchange world.

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Notes to the Editor:

About Exberry

Exberry delivers a purpose built exchange infrastructure regardless of the asset class or opportunity. The core technology is deployed to enhance existing exchanges’ limited capabilities or to serve as the base for trading new digital assets.

Our core matching engine has been designed not only to compete with the technology used by the biggest exchanges in the world, but also as light to deploy, integrate and operate and is therefore an excellent fit for start-ups and anything in between.

We help exchange pioneers at all levels and of all sizes launch, pivot, break ground and scale. Unlike any other technology provider, Exberry delivers a blend of exchange and trading technology expertise for secondary market models, combining entrepreneurial pedigree and corporate strength.

Exberry is suited to support every type of marketplace from traditional assets (on exchange traded financial instruments including equity, futures and commodities) to digital assets including tokenized assets, alternative assets, as well as gaming and real estate.

Our technology and software engineering heritage combined with our strategic business counsel means Exberry can quickly scale with business growth, and is easy to integrate into new and existing ecosystems through well documented APIs and easy to access sandboxes.

Exberry is part of the OM2 Group, that builds fintech companies together with entrepreneurs and partners who we believe will transform how people and enterprises finance, transact & interact.

To find out more, please go to, follow us on Twitter @Exberry or visit our LinkedIn page.

About LDX

LDX is bringing to market a Digital Capital Raising platform, for the transformation of traditional financial markets. Having been at the forefront of product development, both during and post the last financial crisis, we aim to provide innovative technology to secure and support the economy in the post-Corona years.

It is clear that the complexities of the current investment model face challenges in not only the initial raise of investment (largely due to the opposing goals of the investors vs the investees), but also the distribution of returns to those investors. And when those investors come to the point at which they would like to exit that investment, it can be a difficult, costly, and illiquid process.

The LDX ecosystem aims to unshackle both parties from the current constraints of such a wieldy and broken model, and brings to market an offering that is not bound either by current asset classes, or corporate actions. We use a combination of a blockchain based solution, and a stable coin, bringing a timely, efficient, and inexpensive distribution of returns. It uses blockchain to solve a problem which it was designed for – that of accurate, immutable, and – most importantly – accessible, registration of ownership. When this distribution problem is solved, the ability to raise capital in more flexible ways such as product royalties and revenue share become viable.

When investors wish to exit their investments, we provide secondary markets which enable them to access liquidity in a secure and reliable way. It also provides the opportunity to access other listings on those markets.

The new products will break ground in agility, and yet in a structure recognisable to all major players, based on new technology solutions such as Exberry. The whole ecosystem is designed for ease of adoption whilst providing speed, flexibility, and economic benefits to all participants.

To find out more, please go to, or visit our LinkedIn page.