How Exberry built a cloud-native matching engine on AWS that can process 1 million trades per sec, with 20 microseconds latency

Written By: Ronen Nachmias, Yaniv Barak, Mike Perna, and Alex Mirarchi

March 4, 2024


Who is Exberry

Exberry offers a cloud-native matching engine platform that enables traditional and alternative exchanges to launch ultra-low latency markets quickly and run them cost-effectively.

We launched Exberry to meet the rising demand from exchange operators for a flexible, high-performance matching engine platform that could support multiple asset classes and trading strategies and was also scalable, flexible, and accessible to a broad range of market participants.

Exberry’s Products

Exberry’s exchange technology platform includes a highly-scalable and flexible Core Trading Engine, that features a central order book, circuit breaker functionality, and market data support. It supports ultra-low latency execution and can power regulated and unregulated markets across AWS’ 99 Availability Zones within 31 geographic regions worldwide.

Please see the entire article here.

Why Flexibility is Key for the Upcoming EU DORA Regulation

Ever-increasing digitalisation is propelling the world of financial services to act faster and do more than ever before. One side effect of this is the increased risk posed by the failure of critical suppliers. This is the reason EU regulators have introduced the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which will implement uniform rules for financial entities on operational resilience throughout the EU.

Recent European Elections and Their Implications on Capital Markets

The elections for the European Parliament, held between 6th and 9th of June, could end up significantly impacting capital markets on the continent. This juncture could have the effect of reshaping regulatory landscapes, influencing market stability and altering cross-border economic activities.

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