| 10.July.2023 | 15 min read

Exberry, a leading provider of exchange technology, has become a full member of the World Federation of Exchanges (the “WFE”, “Federation”), the global industry member organization that represents over 250 market infrastructure providers, including 68 top-tier national exchanges. The membership strengthens Exberry’s position as a prominent player in the capital markets industry and highlights the company’s commitment to advancing the industry through innovation and collaboration.

The WFE aims to enhance the growth and advancement of structured and regulated securities and derivatives markets, in order to fulfill the requirements of the world’s capital markets in the most favorable manner for their users and market participants. The Federation collaborates with international organizations responsible for setting standards, making policies, regulating, and overseeing governments. The organization’s mission is to support and encourage the creation of markets that are fair, open, stable, and efficient.

Exberry has been making waves in the financial industry with its suite of SaaS-driven solutions for both traditional exchanges and market pioneers. The company facilitates seamless and secure asset creation and trading across various markets and asset classes. The company’s technology has been recognized for being a leading cloud solution provider for capital markets, recognized for unmatched speed, efficiency, and cost model restructuring. Exberry’s cutting-edge technology proved a disruptive force in the industry, attracting attention from media outlets like Bloomberg, Mashable, Yahoo Finance, and Investing.com. The company’s membership with WFE further anchors its commitment to spearheading exchange tech innovation, empowering emerging pioneers to scale up faster and incumbents to pivot seamlessly.

Guy Melamed, Co-Founder & CEO of Exberry said: “We are thrilled to join the World Federation of Exchanges, an organization that shares our commitment to growth and innovation. The membership will enable us to deepen our collaboration with some of the world’s leading exchange operators and market infrastructure providers. I believe that by joining forces, we can accelerate the pace of digital transformation, unlock new opportunities, and ultimately deliver greater value to market participants around the world.”

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