Carbon Software Firm MVGX Tech Partners with Exberry to Power Interconnected Carbon Exchange and Registry Network Upholding Carbon Sovereignty

November 30, 2023


SINGAPORE and LONDONNov. 28, 2023 – MVGX Tech, a carbon Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company empowering corporations, governments, and institutions to take action at every stage of their decarbonisation journeys, announced today a strategic carbon trading infrastructure partnership with Exberry, an independent capital market exchange technology provider. United by a vision to enable and accelerate efficient, regulated carbon markets, both enterprises are joining forces in developing the foundational infrastructure on which compliant carbon markets, connected by a shared registry, can be built.

The carbon trading architecture is backed by Exberry’s cloud-agnostic trading platform which is optimised to process high volumes of data in real-time, at over two million trades per second. MVGX Tech and Exberry will empower early adopters to enter the carbon market with confidence as they benefit from enhanced accessibility, interoperability, assurances of compliance in line with international standards, and the upholding of carbon sovereignty.

Speaking on the launch of the carbon trading infrastructure, Dr Bo Bai, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of MVGX Tech, said: “MVGX Tech is at the frontier of a new era in carbon trading, one underpinned by upholding carbon sovereignty and innovative tech design. Over the past year, market confidence has hit new lows, and we have a collective responsibility to ensure that investors and institutions have access to trusted avenues to accelerate sustainable financing and achieve their net-zero targets. This collaboration with Exberry marks an important milestone in our continued commitment to bolster and deliver integrity to the still-nascent carbon market, especially timely with COP28 now upon us and at a time when urgent and impactful climate action is needed.”

The joint carbon trading infrastructure leverages MVGX Tech’s Carbon Connect suite focused on carbon measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV), decarbonisation rating, carbon credit development, carbon registry, and trading infrastructure. Powered by blockchain technology, MVGX Tech offers a transparent, easily auditable, and tamper-proof record of all transactions and green projects tied to the credits listed on the respective exchanges and registries built with its infrastructure.

Commenting on the partnership, Guy Melamed, Co-founder and CEO of Exberry said: “Carbon markets continue to play a vital role in the race to net zero, and our partnership with MVGX Tech is poised to bridge existing trust and infrastructure gaps. We perceive our role in this collaboration as not only empowering regulation but also leading to the standardisation and harmonisation of the market. Our aim is to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the supply chain, empower sovereignty, and enable interoperability between exchanges and blockchains. The confluence of technological innovations from Exberry and MVGX Tech is more than a partnership; it’s a blueprint for the broader carbon market, addressing the evolving demands of governments and institutions as they step into this critical sector.”

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